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Do you love to cook? Of course you do!. So why not consider doing what you love for a living. Our comprehensive listing of the top cooking schools in North America can put you on a path to a great career in the culinary arts industry.
SchoolGuideUSA's Top Cooking Schools

Below you will find a listing of what we consider to be amongst the best cooking Schools. All of these schools feature outstanding culinary arts programs. Please click the links to REQUEST INFORMATION about each of these fine cooking schools. Be sure to fill out the online applications that each of these culinary arts schools provide to get all the information on their programs.

Culinary Academy of New York
Culinary Academy of Long Island
Scottsdale Culinary Institute - Scottsdale, AZ
California Culinary Academy - San Francisco, CA
California School of Culinary Arts - Pasadena, California
Orlando Culinary Academy - Orlando, FL
Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL
Atlantic Culinary Academy at McIntosh College - Dover, NH
Western Culinary Institute - Portland, OR
Pennsylvania Culinary Institute - Pittsburgh, PA
Texas Culinary Academy - Austin, TX

What Is A Chef?
A chef is a person that has studied for many years in the culinary arts to learn how to run a successful kitchen and properly prepare meals in a professional environment.

There are quite a few places that a chef can choose to work in. Some of these include:

Cruise ships
Rest Homes

These aren’t all of the places that a chef can work in, but you get the general idea.

There are also many choices that can be made in regard to the position a chef may take in their work space. To be a chef, you must first study in a culinary school, or apprentice first.

You can’t get to the level of head chef and to running a kitchen without first knowing the basics. That will be covered in the next section.

In a kitchen environment, you are required to lift heavy pots and stirring sauces constantly is also very common. It can be a very stressful job.

Being able to handle stresses calmly will be a great help to you in this profession. This is just for starters.

With all of the things that you will need to know before choosing to be a chef, this manual will be your comprehensive guide to knowing if this profession is right for you.

This, like every other professional choice, should be made with the right knowledge behind you. This guide is the best place for you to start in making your choice to being a chef.

Is it right for me?
Before you can decide whether or not you should become a chef, you should first consider the demands that are placed on a chef’s shoulder.

It can be a very stressful situation for someone that doesn’t already know what it is like to be under such working conditions.

A chef is responsible for many other staff members in the kitchen as well. You need to know what is going on around you at all times, and have great organizational skills to boot.

Deciding to be a chef is a difficult choice, but if you are reading this manual, you must have a genuine love of cooking, a creative mind, and a good temperament.
Chefs spend a great deal of time with people and should have a desire to work with people as fully functional team.

A good chef knows that for a kitchen to run smoothly, you must offer staff members a forum for their stresses as well. A chef must be the glue that holds the kitchen staff together.

There is no room for conceit and showing off in a kitchen environment. All members of the “team” must be able to work well together.

As a head or executive chef, you must be in charge of the kitchen staff and its goings on. That means that in the kitchen, you are the boss. You need to be able to handle a leadership role.

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