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So you have attended a culinary arts school and have obtained your degree. You may think this is it the end of your education. But, did you know, there are culinary arts schools that offer training in certain cuisines? If you love French food and seek to become an executive chef in a French restaurant this may be for you.

Culinary Arts Schools: Pennsylvania Culinary Institute
Pittsburgh, PA

Established in 1986, Pennsylvania Culinary Institute has grown to become one of the largest culinary and hospitality institutes in the United States. Driven to provide the finest culinary education available to those seeking a career in Pastry Arts or Culinary Arts, Pennsylvania Culinary Institute's training facilities include professional-sized commercial kitchens, contemporary bakery and pastry preparation areas, classrooms, and industry-current kitchen equipment.

Whether you want to become a cook, chef, caterer, baker or pastry chef, the Le Cordon Bleu program at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute will prepare you for your epicurean career. Guided by instructors bring with years of experience, expert hands, and discriminating palettes, the learning environment is designed to feel and function like a true food industry workplace.

Programs offered:
Le Cordon Bleu Associate in Specialized Business Degree

Editors Comments:
All of what you will learn in these total immersion courses would be totally and absolutely French. From French pastry and baking to cooking in a French restaurant. You'll learn about meats, how to smoke meats, make sausages and pâtés. You'll learn wine fundamentals of French wines. You'll be taught all the basics of French cooking and, as some of these culinary arts schools are located in France, you'll be immersed in French culture at the same time. Perhaps Italian cuisine is your favorite. There are culinary arts schools located in Italy that offer aspiring Italian chefs cooking classes that are totally Italian. You'll learn about the different regions of Italy and their foods. You'll learn about virgin olive oils and Italian wines. You'll learn about the meats of Italy, salamis and cured meats. Of course, you'll learn how to make the famous tomatoes sauces of Italy and how to make home made pasta.

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